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[ENG] Willow's pre-order is open!

Pre-order date: it will begin on May 1st at 10:00 AM (Spain timezone, GMT +2) and will last until May 20th at 21:00 PM (GMT +2).


Height (including head): 24cm (with mature curves)
Head circumference: 13.5 cm
From shoulder to Shoulder: 5cm
From shoulder to elbow: 3.8cm
From elbow to wrist: 3.6cm
Forearm circumference: 3.5cm
Wrist circumference: 2.7cm
Neck to crotch: 11cm
Neck circumference: 4cm
Chest circumference: 11.3cm
Waist circumference: 9.5cm
Hip circumference: 15cm
Ass Circumference: 16.7cm
Thigh circumference: 8.5cm
Knee circumference: 5.3cm
Ankle Circumference: 4.9cm
Hip to the knee: 5.5cm
From knee to ankle: 5cm
Ankle to sole: 1.7cm
Foot: 4cm length x 2cm width

Shoes: 1/6
Eyes: 8mm
Wig: 5-6 inches
Double-jointed elbows and knees

Willow has the same goblin girl body than Erin. You can see more pics of Erin, her joints, posability and all the process of her creation, in https://www.facebook.com/GoblinTalesBJD/

  Willow head

Goblin body sample (Erin head)

Willow will be casted by Haru Casting Factory; in their Flickr account you will be able to see all the casting process.

The colors available for this pre-order, according to the color chart from Haru Casting, are*:

Blue white: 305€
Violet white: 305€
Light Tan: 355€

*The real color may be slightly different due to monitor settings

(Note: The production of these three colors depends on the customers choices during the pre-order. In case one of these colors wasn’t interesting for the customers at all, it won’t be produced)


These prices include insured shipping.

     Spain: 25€
    Europe: 45€
    Rest of the world: 55€


The payment will be made only through PayPal, and it will be possible to do a layaway (2 installments):
– 1st payment: 50% of the total cost (doll + shipping), within 5 days after placing the order.
– 2nd payment: 50%, within 31 days from the date of the first installment.

If needed, it is also ossiblepto ask for a threetinstallment layaway (Please, ask for it in the order form).

The non-fulfillment of any of the payments will be considered as a cancellation of the purchase. None of the payments will be reimbursed*, since the pre-order payments will go to the casting company. Please, keep this in mind before commiting to buy the doll.

*All payments done are NOT refundable, except when the order is canceled due to not reaching the minimum of 10 dolls the factory requires for the casting. In that case, the money will be refunded.

If you want to order Willow, please, send an e-mail with the completed order form to the following e-mail: goblintalesbjd@gmail.com, with this title: "Pre-order Willow” and your name.

Full name:
Your e-mail: example@gmail.com
Your phone:
Complete Shipping Address:
Order, including resin color and quantity (in case you want more than one doll):
Paypal addres:
Layaway: Yes/No


    Assembled doll with magnets
    One pair of acrylic eyes (random color)
    Box, protective pillow and Certificate of Authenticity
    Present: Baby mossling (random color, no face up)

Dolls will be shipped from three to four months after the preorder approximately.  Shipping date is subject to changes and they may be shipped earlier or later depending on a number of circumstances, so please be patient if anything changes. In any case, you will be informed throughout the process.

I will personally review all the dolls as they come from the factory, but if when you receive the doll you find any problem (any broken parts, wrong color, etc) you must contact me within the next 2 working days after receiving the package.
Please, contact me by mail (goblintalesbjd@gmail.com) If you have any questions.

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